Our Team

  • Dipendra Phuyal

    Dipendra Phuyal

    Managing Director

    "Dipendra Phuyal, a permanent resident of Kathmandu has been organizing all kinds of Trekking and Tours in Nepal under the behalf of Scenic Nepal Treks as a Managing Director. A Master holder of Literature English Mr Phuyal has been working in the tourism of Nepal more than a decade as a Freelance Trekking and Tours Guide and Working in Other Travel Agency as Trip Operation Manager, he was very inspired to have his Own Trekking Company and finally SCENIC NEPAL TREKS was born. Believing in Sustainable Tourism of Nepal and consuming nature by conserving, Dipendra has been using his Ideas of Eco Tourism through his Work. Along with that, he examines all our Trip group that has got better service or not which is meant to be very personally touched with our Valuable Guest and Friends. Besides his Business, Mr. Phuyal believes in contributing to the Society. He has been involved in many Non-Government Organization and their Intiative toward the Community. Besides while Guiding, he has been to almost all part of Nepal guiding his Groups of Trekkers."

  • Rajan Karki

    Rajan Karki

    Trekking Operator & Team Leader

      I, Myself  have been Operating Trekking and Tours at Scenic Nepal Treks as Trek Leader. Working as freelance  Trekking guide for 8 years with many people from around the world,  we are very able to understand our clients and fulfiling their expectation.  I very welcome you in this beautiful country Nepal. It is my pleasured to be worked as your assistance.    Thank you!! Email: scenicnepaltreks@gmail.com Languages: English,Hindi, German Nepali Experienced Trekking Regions: Everest Everest Trekking, Annapurna Trekking, Mustang Treking, Langtang Trekking, and many More.   

  • Shankar Karki

    Shankar Karki

    Trekking Guide

    "Nameste Everyone! Welcome to Nepal. " Place of Birth: Bhojpur, Nepal Languages: English,Hindi, Nepali Trekking Regions: Everest Everest Trekking, Annapurna Trekking, Mustang Treking, Langtang Trekking, and many More.  About Shankar: Mr. Shankar is very particular about delivering excellent services to his clients. He believes his knowledge on Nepalese mountain cutire, history and iconography makes him a good leader.

  • Yaksha Kumar

    Yaksha Kumar

    Trekking Guide

    Friendly, Helpful, passionate our guide Kumar has been one of the Excellent Guide in our Team. Working as Guide in Nepalese Mountain for more than a Decade, he has gained Experiences and Knowledge that makes our Trip always success. 

  • Sapanam Simkhada

    Sapanam Simkhada

    Trekking Leader/ Guide

    Sapnam Simkhada, one of our excellent and Experienced Guide with more than 10 Years of Trekking Experienced in Nepalese Trekking. Born in Dhading District, Sapnam has very good recommendation from our Clients and his expertise makes your Trekking Very successful. 

  • Lakpa Sherpa

    Lakpa Sherpa

    Trekking Leader/ Guide

    Lakpa Sherpa, an Experience with more than decads one of Best Guide of Scenic Nepal Treks. He is very friendly and well caring to his guest throughout the Trip. 

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