Altitude Sickness and Prevention in Mountain- Trekking in Nepal

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Yes exactly and the Nepalese Himalayas are one of them Prime places to explore your adventure Feelings. Many People has dream to do trekking in Everest Region or Other trekking part of Nepal and many people do this. At the same time many people get suffered from many problems while doing trek. Among them Acute Mountain Sickness or also known as Altitude Sickness is one of the main problems.


What is Altitude Sickness?

Altitude Sickness which is also known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), a negative reaction of Your Body while you are in high altitude (Above 2000m/ 6561 Ft) caused by Low Oxygen. While we go to up in the Mountain, layer of Oxygen goes slowly less at High Altitude.  It is quiet similar to Hangover after drinking but it is very serious case.

How are the symptoms of altitude sickness While Trekking?

The most common symptom of Acute Mountain Sickness is usually Headache while trekking. Beside this, most people suffer with nausea and even with dizziness, bad sleep, horrible dreaming, vomiting, laziness and lethargy. To be honest, these all symptoms are very similar to a very bad hangover. Normally when you get above 2000m, you may have altitude sickness and your body slowly feel something change on Your Movement or health.

Who Suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness?

There is no any specific person who may suffer from altitude sickness. There are many cases that even the Nepalese Staffs (Guide & Porter) has suffers from Altitude sickness.  You never know who get Mountain Sickness and it doesn’t become noticeable till you have been at that altitude for a while.  The Mystery of High altitude sickness is that it is very tough to predict  who will be suffer while trekking or getting in High altitude. We have many stories of fit and healthy trekkers being badly affected by Mountain Sickness. BUT at the same time, their older companion have feel fine and successfully done trekking. So that It is very unpredictable

What we can do against Altitude sickness while trekking

During your trekking time, we very recommend you to walk slowly which is very important. Some people walk in the Mountain very fast and they may have very high chances to get altitude sickness. Go up slowly, take it easy and make your breathing slowly.  You need to have few extra acclimation days to get used to Altitude.  Two things are certain to make altitude sickness very likely - ascending faster than 500m per day, and exercising vigorously.

Some people use Diamox while trekking or before starting their trek which is very dangerous in the Mountain. AND please note that Diamox is not a medicine which protect you from Altitude. It just help you to don’t feel altitude in your mind but your body is still suffering. Besides this, most of the people get vomited by this medicine. That is the way, we very suggest you to avoid Diamox.
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