• Judy Mark
    Judy Mark, United States

    The best tour and trekking company you could ever find, even in a crisis or two or three

    This will be a long review because you need to know how incredible Scenic Nepal Treks truly is.I contacted Dipendra, the head of the company, months in advance to arrange a 12-day trip for a group of friends to celebrate my husband's and my 60th birthdays. All of us going was older than the average young trekkers and we wanted certain hotels and amenities that Dipendra arranged perfectly.Every single guide and porter were fantastic. They were attentive, kind, considerate, strong and smart. Our lead Sherpa was Shankar, who is highly experienced and knows the trails in detail. He also makes a pretty amazing apple pie. His son, Unish, was one of our porters and played a huge role in our trek. Our other guide was Manju, a young graduate student fluent in English who knows all of the history and facts about the country and its sites. She led us on a number of cultural tours in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara and she is wonderful.But here is why you should book with Scenic Nepal. Beyond what many other tour operators usually provide - good guides and porters, Nepali generosity, etc - this company went above and beyond when our friends went through various health crises.Three of the nine folks in our group ended up getting COVID in the first couple of days of our trip. Dipendra arranged for all of their needs to be met. He rebooked hotels, arranged for travel, etc. Dipendra was available 24/7 and kept everyone calm during this stressful time.The six of us left and then started the trek - we were doing Poon Hill - when another member of our group fell very ill. It wasn’t COVID or altitude, but it was very serious. Shankar immediately arranged to get our friend down the mountain and to the hospital in Pokhara and had his son stay with our friend. Dipendra then arranged a helicopter to MediVac him to Kathmandu and met him at the airport to take him straight to the hospital. Dipendra visited him at least once a day in the five days he was in the hospital.And while dealing with all of our crises, Dipendra, Shankar, Manju, Unish, and the other staff had positive attitudes and smiles on their faces. They are our heroes!I also want to note how important it is to book with a Nepali-owned company. Many westerners (often Americans) book with REI or big travel companies because they think they are safer or more reliable. They spend easily 3-4 times the amount of money, most of which never makes it to Nepal. But I want to tell you that we could not have asked for a better trekking company. They always made sure we were safe and comfortable. We literally have not a single complaint about them.I strongly urge you to use Scenic Nepal. At the age of 60, I thought this would be my last trek. But I am already planning another one in a few years and will definitely use Scenic Nepal. They were extraordinary despite the many challenges we faced.Most of all, we have become friends with all of them and we look forward to staying in touch over the years. We played card games at night with them and shared stories and laughs.Thank you, Dipendra, Shankar, Manju, Unish, Ganesh, and everyone at Scenic Nepal. We miss you already. 
  • Elaine Lee
    Elaine Lee, United States

    EBC - Experience of a Lifetime

    I completely and only recommend these guys. They were awesome, and we couldn’t have done it without them. Traveling during a pandemic is stressful, but they were so on top of the travel restrictions. Giving reminders. “Don’t forget this, etc.” We felt taken care of. And we ran into other trekking groups on the trail. We had the best guides!
  • Robert Cambelle
    Robert Cambelle, United Kingdom

    Best experience, Manaslu Circuit Trek

    I have just been back from the incredible trekking trip in the Nepal Manaslu Circuit area. Scenic Nepal Treks has fantastic communication skills and helped me to arrange everything from route planning & application of all trekking permits, to accommodations, local transportation, and hiring guides and porters if I wanted them for the trek.The service is excellent ….before leaving the Uk I was reassured I didn't need to worry about anything during the trip.For the Manaslu Circuit trek, Dependra has assigned Santosh as our guide. He is an experienced trekking guide and speaks good English. He is very knowledgeable about the trek. I asked him about the mountain ranges and local culture. I learned a lot from Santosh has great charisma we had a good laugh and he has become a great lifelong friend. Everyone I met was so very kind the local people, took care of me every day. I had an unforgettable and incredible 12 days trekking trip.After the trek, I had time to visit Pokhara for sightseeing. Even after the trek, I have to thank Santosh for his advice and for arranging the right transport for my next experience.If anyone is planning the next Nepal trip, I would highly recommend Scenic Nepal Trekking and Santosh is a truly fantastic and special man and an excellent guide.
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    Pauline Cest, French Guiana

    Best people ever

    I had a wonderful experience with Scenic Nepal Treks doing the EBC trek through the 3 passes! Jagat my guide was the best and I learned a lot with him about the Nepali culture.
  • Josefina Pattersson
    Josefina Pattersson, New Zealand

    An Amazing Trip with Amazing People

    I was part of a group from New Zealand called Got To Get Out who attempted EBC and Island Peak in January 2020.We were taken care of from the start by Dipendra and our amazing guides Shankar, Kumar, Jagat, Buddhi, and our mountain guides. This was my second time to EBC with Scenic Nepal Treks and with Shankar as a guide, he is a very positive, smiling guy who will take care of you and even make you smile and laugh when you’re feeling terrible from the altitude.Although we didn’t make it up to the top of Island Peak because of the weather, we had an amazing time with incredible views and felt very safe in the hands of the team guiding us (one of our mountain guides, Tashi, have been up to the top of Everest 10 times!!) They taught us how to ice climb which we take with us as a very good experience for the next attempt to climb a mountain! They really went the extra mile for us to make sure we were okay at all times and gave us a hand when we got tired.Thank you Scenic Nepal Treks for an excellent trip, see you soon again!Cheers Josefine
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    cherrycwai, Hong Kong

    I have a great Journey with Scenic Nepal Treks

    This trip had been 4 years in the making. had actually gotten to know Rajan and Dipendra through a friend's friend recommendation.I can only say that they are so patient with me over the years (yes years!) in the multiple failed attempts that I had to get myself to Nepal.Well, this year, it finally came true and with the trusty hands of Dipendra and my absolutely wonderful guide KK, I had the most amazing trip of my life! Dipendra made sure that anything and everything will go well, from the airport pick-ups to the hotel accommodation to the arrangements to be made during the trek. He was able and very willing to help me with my numerous changes along the way and I knew that all I needed was to ask and he will help me fulfill my requests.And then there is KK, my super guide. Right from day 1, he gave me the assurance and the feeling that I will be very well taken care of and he definitely did. Way above my expectations. When I just mentioned to him that I think I need a porter halfway while trekking, he found me one in 30 minutes! How amazing was that! KK always made sure that he's either walking beside me or behind me to make sure that I am ok all the way, even if I was slow, he very patiently waited for me.And then there's the trek. The most amazing country, landscapes, and people. I've run out of words to explain but this is definitely a must-do for all travelers and of all ages.Thank you Scenic Nepal. Especially Dipendra, KK, and Rajan. You guys are amazing!
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    Venessa Kho, Singapore

    They will certainly not let you down

    Nepal is well known as a paradise for Hikers, a pilgrimage in a lifetime is the dream of everyone who loves hiking. Nepal is not only beautiful, it is also a place of world culture (hundreds of years old building architecture and temples) and natural heritage (Mt Everest). The trekking routes and the scenery shocking each of us during our EBC (Everest Base Camp) trek.The scenery on the snowy mountain is really not what I can describe. Only If you experience it yourself, so you can truly understand the shock and beauty.For every few hours trekking on the mountain, there is a village. These villages have guesthouses/teahouses that provided food and drinks. Want to have some snacks, western bread or a good cup of coffee, it is not difficult to find in some places such as Namche.We have worry-free to get connected with the outside world as almost the teahouse provide us WiFi with a reasonable charge.Thanks to our agent Mr. Dipendra from Scenic Nepal Treks. who is very kind to bring us to shop around & introduced the good food and good place for chill out so as to show us the way to every tourist spot in Kathmandu.Also thank you so much to Mr. Kumar, our guide, he observed our physical condition all the way up to EBC and gave due counseling. Thanks, Kumar for his caring, especially from Lobuche to Gorekshep. When my mountain sickness occurred, my feet were unable to move. He patiently led me to Gorekshep, which is more than 5,000 meters. Not forgetting our porters too, they can easily carry a full load of 30 kilograms duffel bags following us through the journey. They also helped our guide, Mr. Kumar, to pay attention to our situation at times.Anyone who wants to realize their Nepal trekking dream, I strongly recommend Scenic Nepal Treks, look for Mr. Dipendra, he will certainly not let you down.
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    William Chow, Australia

    Best designed trip ever

    Everest base camp trek has to be on every trekker's bucket list. I got to experience this during October 2019. I did the Everest Base Camp trek with Scenic Nepal Trek solo and had an overall good experience. Everything is organized for you by Scenic Nepal Trek from transport to permits to accommodation etc. My guide KK was very friendly, knowledgeable, organized, helpful, and patient. I had my itinerary changed a bit during the trek (due to no accommodation in a certain village, better acclimatization plan, etc) but this is to the benefit of myself.I was walking very slow after 4500m so thank you for the patience :) I had a bit of altitude sickness coming down from Everest base camp and was taken care of by a guide without any issues! We also played lots of cards during downtime during our trek. Also thanks to Dipendra very friendly and helped answer lots of my question prior to my trek and very organized and helpful