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    Rachel Adams, Australia

    Excellent service - Scenic Nepal Treks

    I am a solo traveler from Australia on a short trip to Nepal.I was following Scenic Nepal Treks on Instagram and noticed positive reviews so I decided to make contact for my trip to Nepal. Dipendra (Founder & Manager) was always prompt in contact with me as needed from overseas, when I arrived in Kathmandu he was prompt in suggesting alternative options for activities since I became sick and had to cancel my plans.Dipendra was flexible to meet my needs, really informative, and didn't pressure me into any options provided which enabled me to make choices that were best for me. In explaining plans for my next trip for a longer trek I was impressed with his knowledge and recommendations that really suited me personally as a traveler.I would highly recommend Scenic Nepal Treks for any activities in Nepal.
  • Maninder Kaur
    Maninder Kaur, Singapore

    The Right Fit, SG

    Good trek! Our guides were knowledgeable & helpful. Rajan knew what I needed when I felt under the weather.Furthermore, Dipen was polite and prompt in responding to our queries. I especially appreciated him coming to Singapore to brief us about the trek & answer questions we had before we embarked on our journey to Nepal.
  • Tilly Johnston
    Tilly Johnston, Australia

    No One Bettter Than Scenic Nepal Trek

    The trip is an experience I will never forget and recommend everyone do. Incredible views, gorgeous people, beautiful mountains and rivers. Our guide Rajan and our porter Rajan were incredible and it felt like a family in the mountains rather than a tour. I am forever thankful for the memories of sharing hot tea in the tearooms or biscuits overlooking the most unbelievable views. Even when the altitude sickness started to effect myself our guide Rajan certainly knew what he was doing and had all the appropriate equipment for the situation. The Himalaya's are no doubt beautiful and there is no way you could compare the experience of trekking on the land through monstrous giants. The people are so genuine and the trip felt so wholesome, the best experience I have ever had whilst traveling.Yes, it is 100% possible to go trekking in winter. It is cold but not unbearable if you have the right equipment, the sleeping bags provided were amazingingly toasty. In fact walking through the snow was breathtaking and I couldn't have hoped for it any other way.Thank you Dipendra for you patience with my endless questions, for taking care of my concerns and making me feel so welcomed in Nepal. Rajan for looking after me in the mountains and making us feel like family. Very grateful and wouldn't recommend this tour company enough. I will definitely be coming back one day!
  • Max P
    Max P, United Kingdom

    Unforgettable Experience

    Scenic Nepal Treks gave us an all round excellent experience trekking in Nepal. Dipendra was impeccable at organising the tour. All of the transfers in Kathmandu felt smooth and efficient and our accommodation there was comfortable. Most of the accommodation on the trek was also good considering how high the places are.Our guide Rajan always ensured our safety and well-being despite the trek being 11 days. I couldn't give him enough praise for his patience and care.The trek was tough to put it lightly, but there were many memorable and stunning moments. Thank you to Scenic Nepal Treks for organising a trek that was such a great experience and helping us complete a monumental challenge.
  • Kevin Da Silva.
    Kevin Da Silva., France

    Best Experience Ever

    I've been living my best expérience To trekking thanks to Shankar and Dipendra for Everest base camp. Beautiful view and the great person meeting on the way. I recommend this company for trekking in the Himalayas, very professional and the prices very interesting.
  • Tony Houng
    Tony Houng, Hong Kong

    Great Experience Annapurna Base Camp

    Just finished ABC trekking and I would like to share you with my great experience.剛完成了安納普爾納基地營徒步,我想與你們分享我的難忘經驗。It's my first time visiting Nepal.這是我第一次到尼泊爾I've found different agents and compare their charge and arrangement of the trip.我找了不同的旅遊公司比較旅程的安排及價錢Scenic Nepal offers us a reasonable price with useful detail.Scenic Nepal給我們合理的價錢及有用的資料。Before our trip, we have different questions and Mr. Dipendra always replied to us promptly.在出發之前我們有很多不同的問題,Mr. Dipendra每次都迅速解答我們。Mr. Shankar is our trekking guide. During trekking, he takes care of us. We don't need to worry about anything. He helps us prepare accommodations and meals. In different scenic spots, he explained clearly and let us know the history, culture, and geographical location of the mountain.Mr. Shankar是我們的導遊。在徒步旅程時,他好好照顧我們,我們什麼也不用擔心。他替我們準備好住處及用膳。而在每個不同景點,他也會好好的講解讓我們知道一些歷史,文化及不同山峄的地理位置。Moreover, he suggests where to buy the souvenirs at a reasonable price and bring us to the scenic spot where we want to go in Kathmandu and Pokhara.而且他在加德滿都及博多拉也會提議我們到哪裡可以合理價錢買紀念品及帶我們到不同景點遊覽。It is a great experience for me in Nepal with Scenic Nepal.I plan to visit EBC next time. Of course, I will go with Scenic Nepal and hope Mr. Shankar can be my guide in the next trekking.與Scenic Nepal 遊尼泊爾是一個好體驗。我計劃下之到珠穆朗瑪峰基地營。當然我也會找Scenic Nepalcenic Nepal及希望Mr. Shankar. Shankar可再次成為我下次徒步的導遊。
  • IrfanBanuk
    IrfanBanuk, Singapore

    Amazing Annapurna Experience

    Climbing and reaching Annapurna Base Camp was a dream or dare for us, 3 female travelers, who had decided to go on this journey last year in December. It would have remained a disillusion if not for Scenic Nepal. All 3 of us achieved our dream/dare, thanks to the amazing service rendered by this agency. Right from Dipendra who had liaised and done the arrangements while we were still in Singapore, Rajan- our super patient, calm and encouraging guide who was always at our beck and call and our 2 amazing, super fun, entertaining and motivating porters, Raj & Kishan, all these guys were super friendly and helpful. To be honest, we felt like we were traveling with old friends instead of new strangers. It is certainly not easy traveling with 3 females who were not so up to mark in terms of stamina and fitness or ability to handle the extreme weather conditions. BUT, our guide and porters were simply wonderful, accommodating, and making necessary adjustments to the whole climbing experience so that we would achieve our dream/dare without any health or injury scare. They were so well-prepared that they had brought the necessary medical aid to help us if we were to fall sick.Besides being blessed by this group of amazing guys who were helping us throughout our climb and trip, we were also blessed by wonderful weather conditions to enjoy the mindblowing views and sceneries in the mountains! It was honestly breathtaking that we could not stop taking pictures! Even then, these guys were so patient and even helped out in the photo-taking- they were good! The river rafting and paragliding experiences that Scenic Nepal had arranged for us were also exhilarating moments! We had a memorable time doing sightseeing in both Kathmandu & Pokhara with these fun guys around too, making our Nepal trip a super fun one. Besides the stunning landscapes in the Annapurna mountain that we would certainly cherish for a long time, it is the super honest and amazing service and friendship rendered by Scenic Nepal that we would hold close to our hearts for a long time. A real value for money experience in Nepal with Scenic Nepal! We are utterly grateful to them for helping us achieve our dream/ dare. They were hugely missed when we returned to Singapore.Thank you Dipendra, Rajan, Raj & Kishan for making our Nepal trip a truly memorable one! 
  • Xiang Ham
    Xiang Ham, Brunei Darussalam

    Manaslu Circuit Trekking - An Experience of A Lifetime

    We did a 15 days trekking experience with a total of 14 people in a group under the management of Scenic Nepal Treks and Expedition. The view was absolutely stunning!! Every village offered its very unique tea houses with breathtaking views. Some level of fitness is required for this trek but nevertheless, the hike is very fun.Also a huge thank you to the friendly guides and helpful porter for taking care of our well-being and belongings, cracking jokes in between the tiring hike, and made this trip even more memorable. Although a number of guides can be increased to better improve the experience, generally we are all well taken care of. Super tired but a fun and worthwhile experience.