Dolpa Region Trekking

About Dolpa Region Trekking

Dolpa is one of the most interesting trekking destinations of Nepal for many reasons. First of all, Dolpa is one of the first largest districts of Nepal, with an area of 7, Its topography is very interesting. It Dolpa contains the deepest lake of Nepal, lake Phoksundo, which also happens to be the deepest lake of high altitude in the world. More ever, it is also well known as the hidden kingdom of Nepal which is still ruled by the king of Dolpa.

Dolpa is one of the restricted regions of Nepal which requires a special permit to visit which provides us beautiful scenes of the surrounding. The wilderness lower Dolpo trekking will lead the trekkers to the hidden and typical land of the Dolpa districts also known as the deserted area of Nepal. The trekking to the hidden valley will be very mesmerizing indeed.
Your trekking in Dolpa regions leads you the some of the well-known attractions of the Nepa; Dho Tarap(Village), a human settlement at the highest altitude in the world, Shey Gumba, religiously the most important gumba in Nepal, and lake Phoksundo, the deepest lake of the high altitude of the world.

The trekking to this region starts from Kathmandu with the flight over to Nepalgunj. Then we will move towards the Tarakot, Tarap Khola, Dho, Take, Numla pass, Baga La, and through other different beautiful places. The trekking to this region will be best during the time of April, May, June, July, August, and September. During the cold season, the upper part of the districts will be fully covered by snow which will be difficult to live obviously. Lower Dolpo is one of the less touristic areas of Nepal. Therefore the trekking route of this region will be less crowded which will make it easy for us to trek and to explore more around the region. The trekking route of the lower Dolpo goes straightly through several forests of the low region. The forest of pine, oaks, rhododendrons throughout the valleys and regions will surely be exhilarating.

Dipendra Phuyal, Trip Planner

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