• Dipendra Phuyal

    Dipendra Phuyal

    Founder | Travel Advisor

    With his degree of MD in the Tourism industry, our CEO Mr. Phuyal has been an active founder of Scenic Nepal Treks. He is an active fellow who has good leadership and networking skill and has this innate ability of persuasion and influencing people by his actions and great facility. He has this awesome personality who can lure anyone and has this awesome capability of motivating people around him. He's an important asset to our company.

    Mr. Phuyal came from the Rural Mountain part of Nepal. " After working with various Tourists from around the world as a Trekking and Tour Guide,  I was very inspired to have my own Trekking Company, and finally Scenic Nepal Treks was founded in 2014." he is proud to be MD of Scenic Nepal Treks. 

    Believing in the Sustainable Tourism of Nepal and consuming nature by conserving, Dipendra has been using his Ideas of Eco-Tourism through his Work. Along with that, he examines all our Trip group that has got better service or not which is meant to be very personally touched with our Valuable Guest and Friends.

    Besides his Business, Mr. Phuyal believes in contributing to society. He has been involved in much Non-Government Organization and their Initiative towards the Community. He is conducting a New Project in far-west Nepal and this great News will be on among us soon. 

  • Varat Naupane

    Varat Naupane

    Executive Manager / Travel Advisor

    Mr. Bharat is a very inquisitive person who's always been there to motivate his co-workers and spark them with new hope and a new style of doing things. His ability to pursue people has been an asset for our Venture to carry on smoothly.

    He has a very active personality and is a very positive person who's always been there with us at our beginning hard time. He is our most appreciated person and avid manager.

  • Amanda Lawrence

    Amanda Lawrence

    Marketing Manager | Canada Representative

    Ms. Amanda is one of the backbones of Scenic Nepal Treks.  Living and working for Scenic Nepal Treks from Canada as Marketing manager to our Company.  She truly loves Nepal and Nepalese People. She is the kind of person who is famous due to her networking skill with clients and making them more clear about the things they are trying to pursue.

    She has attained her financial knowledge on her own. Ms. Amanda is an empowering person. Her enthusiasm and curious mindset lead him to supervise the marketing of the tourism business. Her awesome personality is an asset for our company to soar high up in the sky with unlimited profit and give good facilities to our trusters.

  • Rajan Karki

    Rajan Karki

    Trek Leader

    A man with a Great Heart, Mr. Rajan is a permanent residence Bhojpur. Mr. Rajan has been working at Scenic Nepal Treks as a Leader/ Trekking Guide, has started his career in Adventure tourism in 1999. He has grown up by learning himself as a Trekking Guide, and he is also working as a Group leader for various Trekking groups inbound and Outbound.

    Mr. Rajan is a very great risk fighter with a brave heart. He's a courageous and trained fellow who has the ability to take his customer as high without any possible risk. He's been our most active outsider partner who has been aiding our guests with his impeccable ability. He has attained his training from an internationally authorized agency which makes him fit as our Trekking guide. He's our more versatile trekking guy and ensures our guests that they'll be safe no matter what.

  • Yaksha Kumar

    Yaksha Kumar

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Yaksha Kumar's name is quite popular among our Trekking Guides of Scenic Nepal Treks. Friendly, Helpful, passionate our guide Kumar was born in the Easy part of Nepal about 400 km from Kathmandu. He started working in Trek as Porter from the beginning and for the last 12 years, he has been working as Successful Guide.

    He speaks Good English and Malaysian Language. He has been to almost every part of Nepal by leading our Groups from UK, USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Many more other Countries. Working as a Guide in Nepalese Mountain for more than a decade, he has gained Experiences and Knowledge that make our Trip always successful. 

  • Shankar Karki

    Shankar Karki

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Shanker is also a very brave Trekking Guide of our esteemed firm. He has more knowledge of the Himalayas and snowy peaks. His expertise has helped many trekkers to successfully climb summits.

    He is our extraordinary trekking guide who has also got his rescue training from an authorized firm. His lion-hearted willpower makes him a perfect fit as our trekking guide.

  • Krishna Khadka

    Krishna Khadka

    Trekking Guide

    Krishna is a Young, energetic, experience,d and friendly trekking guide for us. He is in a very rural area of east Nepal. Krishna started his journey in the trekking field as a Personal porter and became Guides. Due to his honesty, knowledge, and friendliness, we always have positive feedback from our Clients.

  • Sapanam Simkhada

    Sapanam Simkhada

    Trekking Leader/ Guide

    Mr. Sapnam has his excellence in being a trekking guide. Given the fact that he spends most of his time in the Himalayas of Nepal, he is known to all possible trails following the summits of Nepal.

    This expertise makes him a suitable Trekking Guide of our travel agency. He’s ready to aid anyone who’s in extreme difficulty.

  • Santosh Timsina

    Santosh Timsina

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Santosh is one of our Friendly, Experienced and Honest Guide for Our Company. He has been doing working as a Trekking Guide long. Since he joined the Scenic Nepal Treks as a Senior Trekking Guide, he is always friendly and makes each and every treks successful.

    Born in the remote village of Dhading District of Nepal, Santosh always carefully plays his role during his trekking and cares for our Clients Very carefully.
    He speaks fluent English and has been to almost every trekking regions of Nepal including Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, and many more

  • Jagat Tamang

    Jagat Tamang

    Trekking Guide

    Jagat is another one of our Top Trekking Guide. Born in a very rural part of Nepal, He started as Porter in different trekking regions of Nepal. With his Good Knowledge and kind heart, he is one of best regular trekking guides for our Company. He is very experienced with different trekking trails including Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and Many more.

  • Pemba Kitar Sherpa

    Pemba Kitar Sherpa

    Climbing Leader

    Pemba is an experienced mountaineer and 6,000 meters peak climber with fourteen years of experience in climbing the Himalayas. 34 years old, married with 2 kids, he is
    originally from Khumbu (Everest) Region. His journey as a climbing guide started for the first time as a porter and then as a kitchen boy. Gradually, he was promoted as an assistant guide.
    He worked very hard and soon he was able to speak English and took guide training. Then finally he was promoted as a trekking guide. After several years working as a base camp cook and peak climbing guide with a couple of other companies, Pemba joined Scenic Nepal Treks since our establishment. He holds a special license from the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal as a climbing guide and speaks good English.

  • Lakpa Sherpa

    Lakpa Sherpa

    Climbing Guide

    Mr. Lakpa is one of our favored Climbing Guide of Scenic Nepal Treks. Born in the high Himalayas, he began his mountaineering career as Porter with different Climbing Groups and Guide and now an experienced Leader. He is experienced with two decads of climbing at the different peaks of Nepal. by pursuing different training, he is regularly and successfully leading our trips which makes us very proud of him.

    His hospitable attitude attracts more visitors. Trekkers and our guests had left him many amazing reviews regarding his friendly attitude. He is the essence of our firm.

"Kathmandu has a bigger number of Temples than Houses and a bigger number of Gods than People."

Besides our Trekking packages, Scenic Nepal Treks offers you the best Experience of Nepalese Cultures and traditions. We have many historical palaces as well Temples which are carrying more than 2000 years of Significance.  All our trip will be lead by our Experience Tour guides. 

  • Manju Adhikary

    Manju Adhikary

    Tour Guide

    Mrs. Manju is one of our Experienced and regular Tour Guide. Her professional personality is loved by many of our guests. Her way of explaining places to people is really awe-inspiring. This quality of her helps our firm to attract as many guests as possible. She is our authorized and licensed travel and tour guide. Her fluency in English and expertise as a guide  have made our trips very successful 

  • Sumeet Silwal

    Sumeet Silwal

    Tour Guide

    Mr. Summet is the backbone of Scenic Nepal Treks. He has already led many regular trips of Scenic Nepal Treks with different people from around the world. He has a very catchy personality as well he is very experienced with the History and cultures of Nepal.  He is a licensed travel guide, who has been serving our valued guests with tours around the country. He has received great reviews from our guests. His charismatic persona will leave most people in reverence.