• Christy Campbell
    Christy Campbell, United States

    Excellent experience & professional trekking Company

    My wife and I had an unbelievable experience trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC) with Scenic Nepal Treks and Expedition! This company is truly the top professionals when looking for a company to book any trekking or sightseeing within Nepal! Our guide Rajan was top-notch and one of the most knowledgeable and professional guides on the planet with well over 100+ trips to EBC.From the beginning, before we booked our trip with Scenic Nepal Treks, Dipendra was very responsive and professional in handling our booking. He was by far the most professional we have ever dealt with when booking any trip abroad and his English was absolutely perfect. His email replies were immediate, and he provided guidance and recommendations for every aspect of our trip by both email and phone. We had several special requests for the trip including setting up a surprise bday, and Dipendra took care of everything.The professional service and A+++ attitude began from Day 1, our guide Rajan was there at the airport to pick us up and greeted us with a sign when we landed (even though our flight was delayed 3 hours). We were transported to our hotel in Thamel and spent time going over our planned EBC and gear list.Once we were on the trek to EBC, Rajan took care of us as no one else could. He adjusted trekking speed as needed and went out of his way to explain the Nepalese culture and the area. As I mentioned before, he has completed this trek well over 100+ times and is well known by all the Tea House's and other guides. Being this well known has its advantages, as you usually get the best rooms at a Tea House to enjoy the amazing views. We encountered a situation where it was the full moon festival (happens 1 time per year) at the Buddhist Monastery in Tengboche and all tea house rooms were being shared. Rajan took care of our bookings and we were given a private room with the best view of Mt Everest! Another example of why it pays to book with the best!After the hike, we celebrated with our staff and had a great experience. I wanted to add that Scenic Nepal Treks is not just for trekking, we booked a tour of the historic sites around Kathmandu and that was a highly recommended experience. Rajan & Dipendra personally handled every aspect of the trip and even accompanied us to the airport for our return flight to make sure we were taken care of 100% and see us off!Our trip to EBC was one of the best experiences of our lives! I attribute that to the hard work, knowledge, and experience of our guide Rajan & Dipendra! Looking forward to coming back to Nepal for the Annapurna Circuit next year!Thanks again Scenic Nepal Treks for making our experience so great and gaining lifelong friends!
  • Nicolas Salvino
    Nicolas Salvino, France

    Best Company Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal

    We travelled until Everest Base Camp with Shankar who was, by far, the best guide we ever dreamt to walk with on this occasion. His knowledge concerning the mountains isn't fake and his personality will make you understand how deeply kind he is. The trek was awesome, well handled and guided by him.We felt really safe, considered and we appreciated this feeling of being protected by someone you can rely on at any time. We spent good time together drinking tea, playing cards and laughing all the way long every end of the day. He always had the good pieces of advice, and always been really careful with us (It was the very first time ever my friend and me we were trekking). We had the opportunity to meet the whole staff of the company, and everyone is as friendly as Shankar. They all know their job, and not only work for money but to share their experiment, their knowledge, their feelings. To resume, please give it a shot, You will not be disappointed !
  • Rory Caffyn-Parsons
    Rory Caffyn-Parsons, United Kingdom

    Above and beyond Expectations: Everest Base Camp Trek

    Excellent from start to finish. A seamless experience from arrival to departure. Dipendra was excellent on his communication. He always replied very promptly and with good information. We were always looked after exceptionally well whether in Kathmandu, on the trail or in the tea houses. Our main guide Rajan was so caring and lovely. He always had our best interests at heart. A bit like a mother hen looking after her brood. It was very tough at times, and very cold at nights , some of us suffered at times but with patience and care from Rajan and his team of fellow guide and three porters who were all great, we made it to Everest base camp. Now it was my birthday the day we got to EBC, Rajan had arranged a birthday cake with candles and carried it for two days from the last bakery, what an amazing gesture. Above and beyond the call of duty. A big thank you to all the team. If you want to trek in the Himalayas, look no further these are THE guys to go with.
  • tripadvisor logo
    Cherry Cwai, Singapore

    Highly recommended to Scenic Nepal Treks

    Highly recommended to Scenic Nepal Treks. Shankar is our mountaineering guide, who has many year experiences with trekking and be an experienced guide . He is the full of responsibility and nice guy. For the porter, they are powerful ,friendly and responsibility. We are happy with them for our journey(Shankar, Raj,Uncle "Bin" n "Kisson"). We were luckly trekking with them. They let us have an unforgettable Journey in Nepal. If we were hiking without them, we may not reach to Annapurna base camp. Thanks all of you ,our Nepal teammates. Besides, Dipendra is so nice, he also arranged the traditional Nepali food for us at our last night in Nepal. The meal is so good.I love it. Thanks so much.Next time EBC trek we must choose Science Nepal again 。
  • Joanna Kwan
    Joanna Kwan, Brunei Darussalam

    Beautiful experience on the Manaslu circuit trek!

    Truly thankful to be able to experience such a beautiful, pristine trail on my first hiking trip, made even more special by the guides and porters who took excellent care of us on the trip.The trail itself was breathtaking, with gradual changes in terrain, vegetation and temperature, and punctuated by quaint little villages and friendly faces greeting "Namaste" along the way to energise the tired hiker. We covered almost 20km each day but it felt manageable because there was always something new to look forward to.Our guides, especially Shankar, were very experienced and kept us entertained on the hike with their knowledge of the flora and fauna as well as geography and cultural makeup of the area. Our group were genuinely moved by their warm hospitality throughout the 15-day trek and patience in responding to our (all 14 of us!) many questions and requests, even playing nurse when some of us got injured (our own folly!) on the trek. They, together with the 7 porters, were extremely thoughtful and always went out of their way to make sure we were as comfortable and happy as possible from the moment we arose to the moment we retired every day. Despite not being able to complete the circuit due to heavy snowfall at Larke Pass, the trail had much to offer, even on the way back. It also means I have to go back :) Many thanks to Shankar and Krishna aka KK (our guides) for being so caring and putting us first throughout the entire trip, and also to Dipendra for being such a superb host and arranging such an unforgettable experience! I cannot recommend them enough. I will definitely be back!
  • Cyril Steward Teo
    Cyril Steward Teo, Malaysia

    The Manaslu Circuit Trek with team of 14

    The Manaslu Circuit Trek offers a very beautiful and scenic trail all the way, glacial waters, green valleys, snow-capped mountains, watching the villagers go about their everyday life, the donkeys, the goats, the chickens, the ducks, and yak, and many many more! The trail starts off at a low altitude which is around 700m and gradually gets higher every day, around an elevation gain of 1000m per day, which is good for those who fear they might get hit by altitude sickness.Accommodations are good enough (not too basic) that we felt comfortable in our stays in all the different guest houses we were at for the duration of the trail. At the same time, there isn't a lot of tourist which makes this perfect for me as I wasn't keen on being on a trek that is crowded.Our guides, Shankar and Krishnan (KK) were very experienced, always making sure our safety and well-being was well taken care of which includes them taking our meal orders, being our waiters to serve food to our table and ALWAYS ALWAYS making sure we are comfortable all the time.Needless to say, will certainly miss both of them and their Nepalise hospitality for sure!
  • Martin Chai
    Martin Chai, Malaysia

    Amazing Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    This is the second time we have hiked with this dedicated Hiking Company. The thing is many incidences happened and they are able to solve all the issues perfectly and timely. This is what we look for in choosing the right provider. We have team members missing flights, breathlessness, slow and food impairment and things are settled very well. Keep it Up!The team of porters are super helpful, funny and brings fun and laughter all the way to ABC which makes the hike very unstressful and unforgettable. The porters and guards give us a privilege of comfort and earning a handsome tip without a second thought. Keep it up because we are going EBC with you very soon!3 Cheers to Rajan, Raj and the forever at my service Ramesh!Thank you Dipendra for the good value and best of best hiking team.Martin from Malaysia
  • Edmund Phung
    Edmund Phung, Singapore

    Most amazing experience: Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    This trip had been 4 years in the making. had actually gotten to know Rajan and Dipendra through a friend's friend recommendation. I can only say that they are so patient with me over the years (yes years!) in the multiple failed attempts that I had to get myself to Nepal.Well, this year, it finally came true and with the trusty hands of Dipendra and my absolutely wonderful guide KK, I had the most amazing trip of my life! Dipendra made sure that anything and everything will go well, from the airport pick-ups to the hotel accommodation to the arrangements to be made during the trek. He was able and very willing to help me with my numerous changes along the way and I knew that all I needed was to ask and he will help me fulfill my requests.And then there is KK, my super guide. Right from day 1, he gave me the assurance and the feeling that I will be very well taken care of and he definitely did. Way above my expectations. When I just mentioned to him that I think I need a porter halfway while trekking, he found me one in 30 minutes! How amazing was that! KK always made sure that he's either walking beside me or behind me to make sure that I am ok all the way, even if I was slow, he very patiently waited for me.And then there's the trek. The most amazing country, landscapes and people. I've run out of words to explain but this is definitely a must-do for all travelers and of all ages.Thank you Scenic Nepal. Especially Dipendra, KK and Rajan. You guys are amazing!