Are you Ready to Travel in Nepal? Do you have Good Travel/Trekking Insurance?

Yes, while trekking to Nepal with Scenic Nepal Treks, it is necessary to have Insurance with you. Our Team Scenic Nepal Treks is always devoted to serve Good Travel Experience with full of safety and Care.  We always suggest your Guest to make  Insurance before coming to Nepal. Here are few regional Insurance Company. Please feel free to ask anytime if you have any questions regarding Insurance at [email protected]

For Australians and New Zealanders

For British

For Canadians

For Americans

For Europe and Slovenia

For Germany and Switzerland

For Netherland

For Asian and South-Africa

Please Note: These Given Company Insurance are just few Suggested Company by Our Previous Travelers. Upon your interest, you can directly contact them and keep informed about their latest Policy. Please Your  are responsible for about the policy and coverage by yourself, we Scenic Nepal Treks Team do not take any responsibility on any of their policies and the coverage and we are not  responsible for any contact information alternations regarding the mentioned agencies/companies. 

Feel free to write us anytime if you have any questions at [email protected]