While talking about the safety travel in Nepal, one of the frequently asked questions by many trekkers of Nepal is: Is Travelling to Nepal safety for Women trekkers? As female trekkers are increasing day by day, many agencies of Nepal are alerting their members for this matter. They are arranging some of the female guides which will be very helpful for many female trekkers to share their problems. Also regarding the safety of their life, the Nepal government along with TAAN is making several strict rules and regulations to eliminate such evil from the trekking society of Nepal.

Due to such marvelous positive changes in the environment of trekking, trekking which was thought of as male-dominated activities has been slowly and gradually transferred towards the women also. Now people begin to think of women as equally capable of trekking in Nepal. Thus the realization of women in the trekking company has been increasing day by day. Similarly, the concepts among the local people regarding female trekkers are also being positive and respectable day by day.

Although, Nepal is a much safe place for women who wish to have all kinds of tourist activities here.